Layoffs at HP Corvallis?

A recent report by KATU revieled Monday night that Hewlett-Packard employees in Corvallis may be expecting up to 400 layoffs in the near future. According to HP, no decisions have been made, but economic development officials are preparing for possible layoffs.

Unfortunately, HP is not making a comment yet about the rumor. My question is, why not? It seems to me that the worst thing a company can do for its image is to not respond to a story like this when reporters are already writing about it.

HP did issue a release. However, it is only a vague statement saying basically that Hewlett-Packard is . . . “constantly looking at improving its business to better serve its customers.” What about its employees?

The only conclusion that I can make from this PR nightmare is that HP must have already layed off their public relations department.



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6 responses to “Layoffs at HP Corvallis?

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  2. Lorrie

    Well said!

  3. It does make me wonder what the public relations team is doing in this scenario. HP also needs to make sure that it communicates with its employees before going to the media. It’s a bad sign when employees’ best source of company news is the media.

  4. JJ

    Several people that I worked with at HP will be affected by the layoff. I worked at HP for several years it was known about 18 months ago that there would be a layoff of about 300-500 employees. The temp workers were let go in the area affected just over a year ago. Most of my friends will receive a much reduced severance package unlike the generous ones of the past. These people have worked at HP for close to 20 years and for some of them HP has been the only employer they have ever known. They will no doubt undergo a tremendous culture shock when the pink slip is handed out.

  5. stephaniemcculley

    It is heartbreaking the circumstances for those who will be laid off. There isn’t a whole lot else in Corvallis to do. Especially for a group of 300-500 people who only have experience at HP. I imagine there will be a lot of people moving because of this.

  6. Mark

    The PR department moved to India…
    Its usually news if HP isn’t laying off people.

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