Where Do We Start?

I recently blogged about my upcoming internship at Ant Hill Marketing and how I’d like to utilize the the social media skills I’ve learned this term in Tiffany Derville’s Advanced Public Relations Writing class.

I just read a blog post on Todd Defren’s PR Squared about what kind of a social media campaign he would launch if he was given one million dollars. It really alerted me to HUGE variety of social media outlets available if given sufficient means to do so.

*Twitter (with Tweetscan and Tweetbeep)
*SEO and Search Engine Marketing (like Google’s NewsAds)
*RSS Microsites

My question is, with all of these outlets, where do you start? Which outlets are most valuable and how does anybody have the time to sift through the millions of pages of information on the Web these days to figure out which outlets would be most valuable to their clients?

I think I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on the best way to create a social media release and use search engine optimization to make sure the release is actually picked up and realized in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now, what I’m most interested in learning is, what is the most effective way of pitching to these outlets?



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7 responses to “Where Do We Start?

  1. Where do you start?

    Start by listening & reading – A LOT.

    Don’t rush. Put yourself in your “target’s” shoes, which means to not think about them as a target in the first place.

    Are you sure they’d be truly interested? Why or why not? How do they like to be approached?

    The more you know about the WHY and HOW, the better you’ll get about WHEN and WHERE.

  2. I get it, Stephanie, this is just your way of laying the groundwork so you can just sit around and surf the internet all day.


  3. stephaniemcculley

    Thanks Todd! I guess learning what the “target” is looking for is truly the launching point. Research, research, research.

    And yes, Siobhan, I have found that the internet is the ultimate time-sucker. Suckier than anything else I’ve ever encountered (Okay… so the purchase of the full 6 seasons of “Sex & the City” had a similar effect, but that was a one time thing). But hey, it led me to your blog, http://nahbois.com/, which is awesome, so in the end, it’s worth it! …if I could figure out how to make that exclamation point red, I totally would 🙂

  4. ecairn

    You’ve got to master the art of scan, filter and click…on many many blogs/social networks because it’s all fragmented;
    to give you a data point relative to your question on “most valuable outlets’:

    We are monitoring 650+ blogs along with the authors’ social profiles on the topic: “social media marketing”.

    We – two people – spend 1.5hour a day each in reading the 250-300 post we got per day. We carefully look at 20-30 blogs that we starred and scan/filter/clich thru the list of other posts. We also have filters on keywords that are relevant to what we monitor.

    In this 1.5 hour we also review potential comments on our comments 🙂 and while doing it we build list of bloggers that we want to reach out one to one.

    At the end of the month, we go 1:1 with these bloggers thru LinkedIn or Facebook. This, only if the blogger has made his profile public and we’ve been able to automatically id their profile

  5. stephaniemcculley

    Wow! It looks like I might have to buy that “How to Speed Read” kit. 🙂 I’m flattered that with all of the blogs you have to look through, you commented on mine!

    Thanks for the advice. It is interesting to hear the process. Do you work for an agency?

  6. Wow, Stephanie, great job with diving into the blogosphere and reaching out for help. The comments on your blog are insightful.

  7. stephaniemcculley

    Thanks, Tiffany, I’ve really enjoyed this assignment.

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